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In this series of photographs Stella goes Stellar! Entitled quantum photographs because the artist is exploring the nature of science and reality through art. She is inquisitive about investigating the behavior of matter and energy in the world around us. Particularly water. What do you see? Does the observer have an effect on the subject?

Using colour selection settings on the camera itself Stella sifts the world through a carefully selected filter. Seeing things through a different range of the light spectrum each time Stella takes us away from every day mundanity and shows us what a bright and truly colourful world we live in.

Here we follow Stella as she captures candid chance encounters on the streets of Paris, London, New york and Bordeaux. What emerges are random moments of magic which encapsulate the sights, sounds and spirits of people going about thier daily lives within public spaces.

In this series of pictures Stella explores yet another angle of our environment... the natural world. We are never far away from the beautiful influence of nature, our most valuable and crucial resource. Sometimes the natural things in life are the most important, these shots inspire us to reconnect with our roots and get back to nature!

Here lies a collection of photographs which explores a post-modern, industrial reality. This series of photographs captures the shapes and textures of industrial scenes and objects, but also reveals a greater narrative which speaks of our relationship to a physical, mechnical world.

A photographer reflects the world back at us through thier lens. Here Stella studies what we see through mirrors and reflective sufaces. How do we as people reflect our world? What do reflections tell us about our environment? Or even ourselves? It might seem crazy...but thats just a reflection!

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